Friday, August 04, 2006

McAfee Fixes Problem

The problem with many McAfee security products I mentioned a few days ago has been fixed. The short story is there was a way found that would allow hackers to bypass the security in McAfee products and run their own programs. After that, they could get your passwords, bank information, and other private data.

Most McAfee products should update on their own, but to be sure, follow the instructions from the McAfee web site to make sure you have the updated software.

Here is the important part:

  • Detailed Steps for installing the update:
    1. Make sure that are connected to the Internet
    2. Right click the McAfee SecurityCenter icon located in your system tray by your clock
    3. Click “Update”
    4. The “SecurityCenter Updates” window appears.
    5. Click “Check Now”
    6. If an update is available, click “Update”
    7. If prompted, enter your registered email address and password
    8. Click “Log In”
    9. Wait while the update downloads and installs
    10. Click “Finish”
  • Detailed Steps for validating the update install:
    1. Right click on the McAfee icon located in your system tray by your clock
    2. Otherwise, Select “Open McAfee SecurityCenter”
    3. Double click on the McAfee SecurityCenter logo to view the “about” screen
    4. If the build number says 6.0.23 then everything is updated and the system is not vulnerable.