Monday, January 15, 2007

A-Squared False Positive - winlogon.exe

If you are a devotee of the excellent A-Squared anti malware scanner then you might have got a bit of a shock if you ran a scan today.

The legitimate winlogon.exe file has been identified as a trojan, this has been confirmed as a false positive however and it will be fixed in the next update. See Emisoft forums for more details.


Anonymous said...

False positives with A-Squared are all too common. Last time I used it,(2 months ago during testing) it quarantined "explorer.exe" when I had no such thing checked off to quarantine. If I was the average user, I would have been reformatting at that point, losing any data I have on my machine or paying an expert coutless dollars in the hopes he could fix the mess.

I realize this happens occasionally, but a visit to A-Squared's forum will show how often it does... and that being far too often.

A-Squared needs a serious makeover before I will consider giving it another spin. Even with a free price tag, it does not appeal to me.