Sunday, February 11, 2007

Winpatrol 2007 for Vista

I'm a big fan of Winpatrol and wouldn't even consider running my PC without Scotty sitting in my task bar, keeping an eye on things for me.

BillP Studios have been busy testing a new version of Winpatrol and the full and final version is due for release tomorrow. Winpatrol 2007 is fully Vista compatible and has a great new feature called Delayed Start.

You probably have programs which you do want running in the background but you
don’t need to launch immediately on boot up. WinPatrol’s Delayed Start allows
you to specify the time to wait before launching programs which may typically
try to load while other system initialization are happening.
If you use
Vista's UAC(User Access Control), you may find some startup programs require
your permission before they can begin. Moving these programs to our Delayed
Start list can prevent simultaneous annoying systems pop ups.

The free Winpatrol version is fully functional and will provide you with all the protection that the Plus version gives you, however I do recommend that you upgrade to the Plus version, see here for comparisons.

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