Monday, May 28, 2007

Parental Guides for Child Safety

Child safety on the internet is always going to be a big concern. It's not just a question of keeping an eye on what they are downloading and installing, incase they inadvertantly install something nasty along with that latest 'must have' bit of freeware.

But it isn't just virus's and trojans that we need to worry about, personal safety and protection of personal information comes top of the list.

Corrine from The Security Garden showed me her entry on Child Safety issues today. It's something we both feel strongly about. Corrine has listed some great links on her article which I shall reproduce here.

Remember, it is important to talk to your children about safety and the internet, and as a parent you need to know that they are safe. But they are also entitled to a certain amount of privacy. You need to find a happy medium... don't lock the computer down so tightly that they can't do anything with it.. but don't allow them full rights either!

Parental Guides for Child Safety

By Blake Handler:

By Fred Stutzman:
By Kevin & Dale Farnham:
From Security Garden:


Unknown said...

Good information, but nothing beats the vigilence of constantly keeping an eye on what your child is doing online, even blocking sites and tracking their viewing habits. Privacy is a privelege earned in adulthood.