Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Youtube on Apple TV and iPhone

Apple announced two new ways to access Youtube from your Apple TV and iPhone.

Apple TV now has new menu choice for if you update it software version 1.1. While you don't view the actual Youtube website, you can access many of the features and videos through the Apple TV. You can view the most popular videos, most watched, search and do most f the things you could do if you if you were on a computer. You can even log in to your account save favorites and rate videos. Not every video will initially be available. All of the videos on Youtube need to be converted to the H.264 encoded mp4 format to play on Apple TV. It will take several months to convert them all but there are still quite alot that can be viewed now. There's a good article at iLounge that describes this and has screen shots of the Apple TV using Youtube. You can also check it out at

The iPhone has been confirmed to include the ability to stream videos from Youtube as well. There will be 10,000 available when the iPhone launches next week, with more added over time.