Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ewido Anti-Spyware

Note that all future updates the we give for Ewido are for the newer version, which has been renamed to Ewido Antispyware. The new version doesn't have a numer for the update. You can tell if you have the most recent update by the number of threats in the database, however.

Date of Update: July 25th, 2006
Known threats in database: 377,448

Ewido Antimalware scans your computer to clean any spyware that may have gotten on your computer. Ewido also has active protection to prevent spyware from getting on to your computer.

Hijackers and Spyware
-Secure surfing in the Internet without fear of annoying changes of the start page of your browser, tracking cookies and advertising bars.
-Nobody should receive e-mails in your name with malicious files in the appendix anymore.
-Security against all kinds of dialers. No fear when receiving the next phone bill.
Trojans and Keyloggers
-No chance for thieves to steal your bank data and personal sensitive information by tapped Internet connections, remote controlled webcams or secret keyboard recordings.

Product Info & Download: Ewido Anti-Spyware