Thursday, July 13, 2006

Latest Rogue Spyware Products

There are many programs that claim to clean spyware from your computer available. Unfortunately, many of them are not worth the price and some even add spyware to your computer. These programs are called rogue programs because they don't do what they advertise. In a few cases, some are outright scams. The best place to see if a program is a rogue is to look it up on the Rogue/Suspect Antispyware page at Spyware Warrior.

The page has gotten long, so the easiest way to look for one program is to use the find feature in your web browser. In the menu at the top left of your browser, click edit and then find on this page. Then, put in the name of the program you want to find. Many of the programs have several places on the page where they are mentioned, so be sure to find next until you are done.

Here's some of the latest programs or web pages that have been added:

Xmembytes AntiSpyware
TitanShield AntiSpyware
Trust Cleaner
RemoveIT Pro
Spyware Sheriff
Spyware Scrapper
Spyware Soft Stop
Ultimate-Spyware Adware Remover
X-Con Spyware Destroyer
Spyware Quake
Brave Sentry

Some of these like SpywareQuake and SpyHeal are actually spyware or trojans themselves. If you are prompted to buy any of these, beware.