Saturday, October 21, 2006

Free Antivirus Programs Compared

A review on the 3 main free antivirus programs out there. I've tried them all myself and agree that AntiVir is the best of the three. All are better than having no antivirus, and some are better than paid antivirus programs.

AntiVir is easy on system resources, easy to use, and detects a large number of spyware programs as well. It's very good at detecting and removing the zlob trojans, aka SpywareQuake, SpyFalcon, Pest Trap, and all those other programs that have that balloon that that says you are infected.

AVG and Avast are good, too. Avast does annoy me because it talks to you. Yes, it will say things like virus definitions update or virus detected. A warning window and maybe a quick sound would be fine. You can turn it off, but it still silly.

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