Monday, October 16, 2006

Free Smileys From Not so Free After all

Spyware researcher Ben Edleman takes a look at how uses bait and switch tactics to get their toolbar installed. He even compares Ask's tactics to encyclopedia salesman trying to get their foot in your door.

While some may like having the cute smileys, the real reason is to get an Ask toolbar installed on your computer. Ben says that the toolbar moves the address bar (where you type in a web address) and puts their toolbar in the same place. That way,you may use the toolbar thinking you are just typing the url of where you want to go. After using the toolbar by mistake, you end up on an Ask search page full of advertisements.

Ask used to be called Ask Jeeves, but they retired that name and the butler mascot and go by Ask now.

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Blogger for peace said...

The only toolbar that has any value whatsoever is congoo netpass. It does all the main stuff that all the others do but It also proivides free access to premium and susbcription content sites….googles doesnt even do that.