Tuesday, December 12, 2006

MalwareWiped a New Rogue Program

While looking at some web sites, I came across a new rogue antispyware program, Malwarewiped. If that sounds familiar, then that's because it's a renamed copy of MalwareWipe. The website name is Malwarewiped.com, which is not much different than the old one, malwarewipe.com.

This program is advertised by trojans and other malware to try to trick you into buying it. My copy got downloaded by clicking a fake warning from updatestate.com. Avoid this program, it's not worth paying for. Especially when most people will have it installed on their computer by spyware and trojans.

McAfee Antivirus detects it as a potentially unwanted program. Other security programs will add it to their detections soon I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

I have purchased the malwarewiped software. I found out thru Symantecs that it is a threat. I have been trying to contact them with their email address only to have them come back as usuer unkown. Do you know of any way I can get a refund. Iam sure that was a stupid question. Worth a shot. Also, if I uninstall the software is my computer safe as far as password, bank accounts, credit card thefts. Thank you. Cinda