Sunday, December 17, 2006

World of Warcraft Patch 2.0.1 issue down to WareOut?

My friends at Security Central have had a few gamers asking for help just recently. Some players of the World of Warcraft game have been unable to log into thier accounts since downloading a patch, there is a big long thread on the WoW forums about it.

Now whether the patch was infected or the server it was downloaded from was infected or it's just a bad co-incidence, I don't know, but the team at Security Central have noticed that every log from a WoW gamer asking for help so far has been infected with WareOut.

Little Eagle has put together a self help thread using FixWareOut, developed and maintained by fellow Microsoft MVP LonnyJones. If you are a Wow gamer and are still having problems after running this fix then please ask for help on the forums.