Friday, April 20, 2007

WinPatrol 2007 Build 3

I've pinched the title of my post from BillP as I couldn't think of a better one. Winpatrol 2007 has been updated and a few bugs have been ironed out... unfortunatley Scotty still doesn't woof in Vista... but that doesn't mean that he is any less effective!

See Bits From Bill for full details of the bug fixes and a download link.

I think I'll give a little 'did you know' everytime I post something about Winpatrol... so here goes;

Did you know.... that you can manage your cookies from within the Winpatrol interface, just double click on Scotty in the task bar and then click on the cookies tab.. you can either clean up your cookies manually or set keywords for cookies that you know you won't want to keep.
Have a look and if you aren't sure just what Winpatrol can do with cookies then click on the help icon on the top right hand corner.