Friday, July 13, 2007

QuickTime Update Fixes Eight Flaws

Apple has released a new version of its ubiquitous QuickTime player for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows computers. The latest version, v. 7.2, plugs at least eight security holes in the software.

QuickTime vulnerabilities that span both operating systems may present a very attractive target for malicious hackers, as the program is installed by default on all Apple machines, and on most Windows PCs (if you have iTunes installed, chances are you also have QuickTime on your system). Indeed, recent automated attack tools have been found to exploit QuickTime flaws.

Mac users can grab the latest, patched version using the built-in Software Update feature. Windows users should be able to fetch the patches using the Apple Software Update program that comes bundled with most relatively recent versions of QuickTime and iTunes.

Source | Security Fix