Friday, July 27, 2007

Spammer Banned From MySpace

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US District Judge Audrey B. Collins has forbidden Sanford Wallace and his associates from creating or maintaining MySpace profiles, using the site to send private messages or post public comments or to suggest in commercial emails or other electronic communications that that they are affiliated with the social network.

The preliminary injunction came in a lawsuit MySpace filed in March. It claims Wallace created more than 11,000 MySpace profiles that churned out private messages, comments and bulletins that directed users to spoofed MySpace pages seeking their login information.

The ruse allowed him to hijack at least 320,000 accounts, which he used to send 400,000 private messages and post 890,000 comments, both of which redirected MySpace users to the sites and The sites are owned by Feeble Minded Productions, an aptly-titled firm affiliated with Wallace.

See the full story at The Register.


Nick said...

Isn't time to throw Spamford into jail?