Friday, August 03, 2007

WinPatrol 2007(Version 12) Goes Live

Well it didn’t take long to get the bugs ironed out of Winpatrol 2007 version 12  (if there were any) and today I’m happy to announce the the new version is available for download.

So what’s new?

i) Scotty has a lovely new icon

ii) HijackPatrol log - The new HijackPatrol Log button on the options screen will create and display a style of output familiar to many online helpers. HiJackPatrol.logs aren’t exact duplicates of the popular HijackThis log or meant to replace them but the format should be familiar. HijackPatrol logs will also contain additional information which is routinely monitored by WinPatrol.

iii) SpreadSheet Log - Important details will be output in a CSV(Comma Separated Value) format popular with spreadsheets and many database programs. WinPatrol users will be able to sort all their system data in any format they want.

iv) Easy Access to PLUS Info - Program properties and PLUS Info have been combined into a single page of information from our extensive online library. Instead of multiple steps, you can now just double click on any filename to access the new improved PLUS format. Free WinPatrol users will also see improved information to help them decide if a program is worthy.

v) PLUS Requests updated for future expansion - This change also allows us to expand our PLUS Info response and provide more specific and helpful information based on more than just a filename. You’ll see some additions immediately when using WinPatrol 2007 version 12. Scotty

What’s New and Download Link

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