Tuesday, October 09, 2007

SpySweeper Now Bundling Toolbars

When you are fighting malware you sometimes need to be able to direct users to tools that they can download and use without worrying about cost or unexpected surprises. There are a lot of dedicated developers who donate a heck of a lot of time and expertise in providing us with a powerful arsenal. But a lot of those tools are for a specific type of infection and/or may cause problems if not used properly. So we try not to use them if possible.

Having a fully functional trial version of a commercial spyware scanner and cleaner that will scan, provide a log and clean up a machine is a boon… and quite often the user who has been directed to use it will decide to purchase that product.

One of the products that we used to use was Spysweeper.. but unfortunately the trial version will no longer clean the machine.. it just scans and identifies problems… and even worse, it comes with bundled software where the option to install is on by default!! :(

Spysweeper install

I don’t like toolbars, but if I want one then I will decide for myself whether to download and install it or not.

I must stress that you do have the option to opt out of the installation of this extra software… but personally I think it should be the other way around… you have the option to opt in.

If you ask me.. it’s a real shame. An example of marketing gone mad.