Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Zangcodec and Virus Protect 3.8

A codec is a little piece of software that is needed so that you can play or stream some video files.  Personally I’ve never had to install a codec.. but then I don’t do a lot with that medium.

One of the biggest problems around on the internet at the moment is the Zlob trojan (and variants of it), people get stung because they are told they need a codec to run certain adult material.   Once installed the victim is plagued with pop ups from some fake antispyware program or other and the computer becomes more or less unusable.

Recently the stakes have been upped a little and the Apple Mac platform has been targeted along with Windows.  The latest malicious codec site is  Zangocodec as reported by Sunbelt.

The latest rogue program seems to be Virus Protect 3.8 which was put on the Smitfraud list by S!Ri yesterday.  S!Ri is the author of Smitfraudfix and has been keeping this essential tool updated for the last three years or so.  Thank you S!Ri.

If you want a bit more information about zangcodec then click here.   If you need to know how to use the Smitfraudfix tool then click here.  But I do suggest that you ask for assistance at one of the fantastic anti malware sites that will not only help to get you clean but will give you some good technical advice on how to avoid these sort of infections in the future.   You can find a list of anti malware sites here.