Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ewido Antimalware Bought By AVG Maker Grisoft

Ewido Antimalware was purchased by Grisoft, makers of the popular free antivirus program AVG. This move brings one of the best trojan and malware detection programs to Grisoft to add to their virus detection experience. Both Ewido and AVG 0ffer free versions of their programs.

Both Ewido Antimalware and AVG Antivirus will remain seperate products that also have free versions. Whether Grisoft will combine them into one security program or change the availability of Ewido is not known right now. In any event, having the skill and experience of the Ewido team will help AVG become a stronger program.

Ewido, a German based company, has been available since 2004. Because of it's good detection and removal ability, I've recomended it's use when helping people remove spyware. In fact, I have advised it's use over Ad Aware because of it's better detection and removal. Ewido is updated frequently, usually 4 or more times a week. With a 15 day fully functional trial, it can block and remove malware so you can try it out. After the 15 day trial, it can still scan and remove malware, but you must manually update it to get the latest definitions.

AVG has both a free and pay version of it's antivirus program. Grisoft, who makes AVG, has been in business since 1991. I have used the free version of AVG since 2002 on some of my computers. The free version does not have a trial period to limit it's use, so anyone who can not afford to pay for security can still get a great antivirus program. AVG free will detect and remove virus threats, which means their is no pressure to buy the pay version. Perhaps the greatest weakness of the free version is the updated virus definitions can be delayed. This is not on purpose, but a result of the 30 million users who can overwhelm the update servers. I have had this problem, although it is infrequent. The pay version has a seperate, dedicated server to update and does not have this problem.