Friday, April 07, 2006

More On the Direct Revenue Lawsuit

Just a day after posting about the lawsuit by New York State against malware maker Direct Revenue, come more details into the questionable practices by them. How did they anger so many people to the point of writing profanity filled letters that sometimes contained death threats?

First, to show how there is much money to be made in the adware business, here are some of the revenues that Direct Revenue (no pun intended) reported over the last few years. The pdf that includes this info goes into more detail, but I will post some so you get the idea.

Revenue from the Direct Revenue Program

  • 2003 - $6,134,875
  • 2004 - $27,994,341
  • 2005 up to October - $24,272,155
More details can be seen in the pdf file hosted by antispyware researcher Ben Edleman here.

In the summer of 2005, the amount of people needing help removing the Aurora or nail.exe spyware program, that a post was created at Spyware Warrior to help people remove it. The number of people complaining about this was so great, that the helpers at the forum could not keep up. This is probably one reason why Direct Revenue got so many emails with obscenities and varying degrees of violence. Since they are too vulgar to quote here, I'll just link to the pdf that contains them. Be warned, much of the language is not family friendly. You have to scroll down to around page 10 or so to get to them. The amount of outrage is almost unbelievable.

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