Monday, March 19, 2007

Spylocked Is Yet Another Rogue Program

A new rogue named SpyLocked is the latest fake antispyware program found today. SpyLocked will be installed on your program by one of the Zlob trojans from installing a fake codec to view video files. You don't really need to install the fake codec, but you will be tricked into installing it so SpyLocked can get onto your computer. Once it is on your computer, you will get pop ups and warnings that you have spyware. Then you will be coerced to buy SpyLock or one of the other fake programs.

The following is one of the fake warnings you will see when you get infected. This is from an earlier rogue program SpyFalcon, but the same kind of warning happens with SpyLocked.

Removal instructions can be found at Bleeping Computer's How to remove SpyLocked instructions. In a few days, the programs used in my earlier post, Easy Fix For Spyware and Virus Alert post should be updated to remove SpyLocked.