Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Why Should I Bother.......

..... with all that security stuff?

Good question, why should you? After all, once your computer becomes unusable because it's taking 10 minutes to boot up and those pop ups are just getting really annoying and the internet seems really clogged up... well, you can just reformat and start all over again can't you, no need to bother with all that anti virus rubbish and why worry about downloading cracked software and illegal music, everybody does it and it's par for the course if you get a trojan or two whilst you are at it. Innit??

Well......... here is an eye opener for you.

I've been following Paperghost's reporting on the Julie Amero case, I just love it when he gets all steamed up about something and he has good reason to in this case. Anyway, Paperghost found this story while he was checking stuff out.

Basically what happened was that a young lad was arrested because he had illegal images on his computer... the police targeted him because child porn was being uploaded from his computer.

It is possible for a criminal to zombify your PC and use it to download and view bad stuff, to store bad stuff on your computer and to send it to others from your computer and you may not know anything about it until the police come to impound your kit and take you away.

All it takes is one itty bitty trojan.

Your home computer could, as you’re reading this, contain child pornography or other illegal material placed there by criminals who have turned your computer into a “zombie” which they control at their whim. And under the laws of many states, and federal legislation being pushed hard in Congress, you could go to jail for what is found on your computer, even if you didn’t put it there.