Thursday, March 08, 2007

Woman Gets Ripped Off By Winfixer, Sues Them To Get Money Back

Last September, Beatrice Ochoa paid for Winfixer to get rid of the spyware and pop ups. When Winfixer didn't help, she contacted their support. It was never available. When she started getting more advertisements from, enough was enough. Beatrice hired a lawyer and started a class action lawsuit.

Copy of a news story from KTVU Channel 2 posted at Youtube. I couldn't find a copy on the KTVU website. It's worth watching to see how the Winfixer crooks are making tens of thousands of dollars by putting malware on your computer.

Here's a link to the blog from the lawyer about the case. Here is a great write up of information at Spyware Sucks from a few days ago. It has links and instructions on how to find the case on the Santa Clara Superior Court website. You need to search for case 106CV072057 to check the status. There's also some info about and Mark Cohen, who is one of the people sued by Beatrice's lawyer.