Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mailwasher Pro Updated


One of my favourite programs has been updated and version 6.0 is now available for download.

Mailwasher helps you to identify and deal with spam and dangerous emails before they ever get a chance to be downloaded to your email client on your computer.

What’s new in version 6?

Easier to use
Many of you didn’t know how to train MailWasher to block spam, so this has been made easier with the Action column. The Action column lets you specify whether an email is ‘GOOD’ or ‘SPAM’ and from this, MailWasher will quickly and automatically learn which of your email is spam and which is good, saving you time.
All the settings for options, email accounts and spam tools are now able to be changed in one area. All accessible via the ‘Settings’ button on the front of MailWasher.
Additionally, there are many small tweaks to improve your experience of using MailWasher Pro.

Recycle Bin
Many of you never knew you could rescue accidentally deleted email. So a button called the ‘Recycle Bin’ has been placed on the front of MailWasher and this allows you to restore any email you have lost.

A new look
MailWasher is now a bit brighter and shinier. It was looking a bit scruffy, so hopefully you like the subtle changes.

Updated spam algorithms
We’ve updated the spam algorithms so you should see a big difference in the spam catching ability of MailWasher if you’re using FirstAlert.

Vista Compatible
Yes, this version is fully compatible with Windows Vista. Finally.

There is also a natty little video showing you some of Mailwashers new features when you first start the program. See below,

Mailwasher is an excellent product and one I would thoroughly recommend.

Note: I think everyone must have gotten their update notifications at the same time I did as the Firetrust server seems to be having some problems, if you can’t get to the site then just bookmark the page and pop back later.