Thursday, September 20, 2007

More E-mails (Spam)

Some botnet somewhere has been busy.. I’ve had about a gazillion spammy emails today.

So… just for the record!

No.. I haven’t won the lottery.. I’m sure my email must be a very lucky address because it’s been winning all sorts of lotteries about 10 times a day just recently.

Nat West Bank/Western Union/Mastercard/Amazon etc etc etc all want me to log into my account. Hmmm… well I might just check out my account if I had an account with them!!

Some girl (with a blokey sounding email address) keeps sending me emails telling me she wants a chat. Strange, it’s the same message only coming from different email addresses.

I get loads of emails telling me that I’ll be able to satisfy the girls if I click here to get enhanced.. I’m a girl by the way! :o

I also get loads of emails telling me that I can buy all sorts of medicines if I wish.. I trust my doctor to know what I need though thank you very much.

Then there is the postcard from a friend/family member……… oh Joy!!

Well, it keeps me entertained! :D