Monday, September 03, 2007

Parental Controls For Windows Live Messenger And More

Windows Live Family Safety (Beta)

As a parent, do you worry about your children’s safety on the internet? Of course you do. Microsoft have a product that may be able to help. Windows Live Family Safety is still in beta, but in my opinion it is worth trying out. Microsoft can only make it a better product with your feedback.

It’s available for free, you need either Windows XP (sp2) or Vista and a Windows Live ID. Here is some blurb for you.

Safer browsing with guidance you personalise
Help protect your kids from the online content you don’t want them to see with filters you can customise to fit your children’s ages and your own values. Get guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics and other trusted sources such as the NSPCC. Activity reports show you which sites your kids are visiting.

Safer Instant Messaging and blogging
Family Safety Beta’s new built-in contact approval helps you know exactly who your kids are talking to on IM or their blogs. You approve or disapprove each new contact for their Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Spaces.

Safer searching, safer learning
Family Safety Beta works with Live Search to help block inappropriate search results, and with MSN Encarta to help deliver only information that’s age-appropriate.

Stay informed, from any PC, anywhere
Your child can easily ask you for permission to see a blocked site or to add a new Messenger or Spaces contact—right from the Web. Whether you’re at work or on the road, you can review and approve or block their requests from almost any Web-connected PC.

Windows Live Family Safety