Monday, June 22, 2009

How to Tell If That Pop-Up Window Is Offering You a Rogue Anti-Malware Product

One thing I run into often, is how to know if that program that is
saying it can fix your spyware and malware woes is actually any good.
As many have found out, even programs that remove malware can be
malware themselves. The infamous SpyAxe (which started me blogging)
was the first mainstream one. That was 2006. Since then, there have
been many, many that have followed. They usually get onto your system
by tricking you into installing a video codec to watch something.
There's even been some for the Mac. It can be quite confusing figuring
out what is a legit antispyware program and what is a rogue.

Sunbelt has a good piece on how to find out. I'll link to the blog
post since the it's a pdf file.