Monday, June 05, 2006

Winpatrol v10 Released

The newest version of Winpatrol has just been released, but only for PLUS subscribers at the moment.
As Bill has stated in his blog, Bits from Bill;

The final release of WinPatrol 10 will soon be available for all users but this version is an exclusive for PLUS members only. If it wasn’t for all our PLUS members, WinPatrol wouldn’t be available and our free version wouldn’t be possible.

So what's new? Here is what the blurb has to say and a screen shot taken from my very own version of Winpatrol.

Major WinPatrol 10 Innovations
Hidden Files
Scotty can now be set to monitor Hidden files in critical system areas. A new list of Hidden Files is available to help you clean up your machine. Almost all new infiltrations and/or root kits will attempt hiding their files but Scotty can detect them in real-time before any serious danger can be done. While many hidden files are normal system files, the introduction of new hidden files should be questioned. Now it can be. The ability to delete hidden files will allow proper system cleanup.
Right-click on the hidden file to view or delete.

Date/Time First Detected
Ever wonder when a new file was first introduced to your system?
WinPatrol 10 detects and records the introduction of new program files and malware infiltrations. This new feature will allow you to detect files which have all infiltrated your system at the same time. Even if they have random file names or file names matching legitimate files you can sort files by Date Detected and Kill them all at once.

New and Improved
Optimized for Multiple Protection
WinPatrol PLUS 10 has been optimized to work even better with other security programs. No one program can protect you and we recommend you don't rely on any single source of protection. WinPatrol PLUS 10 works even better while running other popular security and AntiSpyware programs.

PLUS Info one click away
By popular request we've made PLUS Info available on our main program lists. Just right click on a program title and the popup menu will let you connect to our online database.

I am a proud owner of the PLUS version of Winpatrol and have upgraded to version 10. Apart from what is mentioned above, there are some lovely new icons on the tabs. Ok so icons won't save you from nasties but they are pretty and I like pretty.