Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The End Has Come For Windows 98

On July 11th, 2006, Microsoft will end it's support of Windows 98 and Windows ME. This means that no more security updates will be made for either of those operating systems, even if a new problem is found.

Back in 2004, Windows 98 was scheduled to have it's support stopped. However, there was enough outcry from people to have Microsoft extend it to July of 2006. Since July is just over a month away, that time has come again. I believe it is not likely that support for either of these operating systems to e extended. Windows ME was not popular to begin with, and Windows 98 has already had it's life extended by Microsoft two times already. With Windows Vista coming out soon, I believe they want to finish 98 for good this time.

What does this mean if you still use Windows 98 or ME? You can still use them, but if you ever need to reinstall or repair either operating system, you won't be able to download anything from Microsoft. I would follow the excellent steps from Fred Langa . Go download and save all the updates and security fixes now from Windows Update while you still can. If you do that, then you can do a complete reinstall by yourself.

Another option is to update to XP Home. The upgrade version of XP Home can be used to update Windows 98 and save you some money. Even if you pay full retail price, you can get XP Home for just $99. Usually, you can get it much less than that, online or even stores like Fry's and Best Buy.

Just be aware that if you want to keep using 98, you'll have to act now. Once July 11th comes, it will be too late.