Sunday, May 14, 2006

Rogue Antispyware Latest Additions

The Rogue/Suspect Antispyware page has been updated with 4 new antispyware products so far in May. The rogue page is a list of antispyware programs tested to see if the spyware, adware, or malware they find can be trusted. There are many programs that claim to find of remove spyware from your computer, but in reality are not worth buying or using even if they are free. Some like SpyFalcon are just outright fraud. Other programs are listed because the detection results are not reliable and can list items that are not actually bad. Another way that a program can be listed is by the advertising that is done to promote the product. Advertising through spam or other undesirable ways can also get a program listed. The most common way is by using a name that is similar to a well known product like Spybot Search & Destroy or Ad Aware.

The best advice is to avoid any of the products that are currently listed. They are not worth the money that they want to provide a fully functional program that will remove spyware found. In some cases, the product might remove files from your copy of Windows that should not be removed. In a few cases, you might get more spyware or trojans on your computer just by installing one of them.

Most recent additions: SpywareBot (5-14-06), SpyOnThis (5-7-06), Spyware Sheriff (5-7-06), Spyware Scrapper (5-7-06), Spyware Soft Stop (4-17-06), Ultimate-Spyware Adware Remover (4-17-06), InternetShield (4-12-06), X-Con Spyware Destroyer (4-2-06); 100 Pct.Anti-Spyware (3-31-06), Froggie Scan (3-29-06), Spyware Quake (3-25-06), BestGuardPlatinum (3-19-06), SpywareXP (3-18-06), Spyware Disinfector (3-10-06), SpyCut (3-10-06), PestWiper (3-10-06), MalwareScanner (3-10-06), Brave Sentry (3-9-06), Spy-Shield (3-6-06)

For a list of recommended products, see the Trustworthy Antispyware Products section on the Rogue page.