Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Firefox Update Released

Mozilla Firefox has an update to correct a security problem. The current version is Someone using specially coded JavaScript could cause Firefox to crash. In some cases, the flaw could allow Firefox to run malicious code. Problems with JavaScript are not uncommon. There were several fixes in the last update of Firefox to repair JavaScript execution, but this one is considered serious enough to release a new version ahead of schedule.

Firefox is an alternative web browser to Internet Explorer. It features some functions that Internet Explorer currently doesn't have such as tabbed browsing and the ability to add RSS feeds to the browser without the need for a separate RSS reader program. Tabbed browsing means you can have more than one web page open in one window. This makes it easier to surf to multiple websites at the same time. You can also bookmark your favorite pages into one bookmark and open multiple pages in tabs at one time. Firefox is not immune to spyware, but there are few hijackers that affect Firefox. Generally your homepage will not get changed, and you won't get toolbars and other unwanted extras. Firefox is free to use for anyone.