Saturday, May 27, 2006

a-squared release Anti-Malware 2.0 BETA

We are proud to present a first beta version of a-squared Anti-Malware 2.0!

To get the beta software, please download the setup file here: Download Link

Or if you are using a-squared Personal 1.6.5, please login at the Control Center and check the Beta updates box at the license manager and run the online update to upgrade to version 2.0 beta.

If you find bugs please report them only at the 2.0 beta support forum.

New and improved features in a-squared Anti-Malware 2.0:

- Added 4 predefined scan types: Quick Scan, Smart Scan, Deep Scan and Custom Scan.
- Added feature to save and load scan settings.
- Added scan of archive files (ZIP, RAR, CAB and their derived formats).
- Added scan of hidden Alternate Data Streams (ADS).
- Added whitelist feature to avoid detection of known wanted programs.
- Added quarantine feature to store found Malware for a later restore or final removal.
- Added scheduled scans.
- Added silent scan (no visible window while scanning).
- Added plain text format logfile.
- Improved memory scan.
- Improved Cookie scan to scan Internet Explorer and Firefox cookies.
- Improved scan result list that groups Malware by their names. Malware details can be requested with one click.
- Improved secure removal of Layered Service Providers (LSPs).

Background Guard:
- Improved core capabilities of the Malware-IDS
- Added false alert reduction to avoid alerts on regular programs.
- Added paranoid mode that alerts much more suspect actions.
- Added application rules to exclude specific applications from beeing alerted on specific behavior.
- Added trust mode for trusted applications which will be completely excluded from protection to save system resources.
- Added protection mode to protect third party applications from beeing modified by other processes.
- Added self protection for a-squared components to avoid beeing modified or shut down by malware.

- Complete redesign of a-squared HiJackFree 2.0.
- Displays online information of processes or autoruns within the program to give a quick overview if something unwanted is active on the PC.

- Improved usability of the main application, now called a-squared Security Center.
- Added a Security Wizard to make it easier for novices to set up a-squared Anti-Malware with an optimal configuration step by step.
- a-squared accounts can be created from within the software now. No visit of the website needed.
- The password can be requested from within the software if it has been forgotten.
- The licenses can be selected from a list. No more need to remember the license number.
- Added proxy server support for online updates.
- Added update notify boxes that slide into the screen when an update has been installed.
- Added news notify boxes that slide into the screen and display the latest a-squared news.
- Improved Auto-Update feature to schedule online updates more detailed.
- Optimized performance and memory usage.
- Added support for asian codepages.
- Changed language file format.
- Bugfixes for several minor changes.