Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Microsoft Windows Updates For May

On TuesdayMay 9th, Microsoft released several updates for Windows and Internet Explorer. Three of the updates, also called patches, are critical. That means your computer is at risk from hackers and criminals who can use the unfixed flaws to do things on your computer that should not be allowed. Many of the spyware makers use these flaws to get their spyware onto your computer.

This update includes two critical patches that should be installed immediately. If you have automatic updates turned on, then you should have received a notice about it. To be safe, you can check your computer and install these updates by visiting Windows Update.

In addition to updates, the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is part of the update process. The tool checks for some of the most serious virus and trojan risks that could be on your computer. A list of threats detected and removed by the Malicious Software Tool can be seen on the Families Cleaned page. Currently added threats include Evaman, Ganda, and Plexus. Other threats include Sober, Blaster, and Zlob. Trojan Zlob is better known by the programs it tries to sell. SpyAxe, SpywareStrike, SpywareQuake, and WinHound are a few of the ones installed by Zlob. Even thought the tool is part of Windows Update, you can run the tool anytime by visiting the tool's homepage here.